Considered the hub of IT and technology in India, Bengaluru is an ideal location for our organization that applies cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver animation, gaming and VFX services. 

Besides having a large number of skilled tech professionals, the city is home to some of the best engineering and management colleges in India, which produce a large number of graduates in the IT and technology fields annually. This gives us easy access and helps us attract highly skilled and creative tech professionals.

A robust IT infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity that enables fast data transfer and rendering capabilities, makes it an even more attractive location to have an infrastructure for animation, VFX and gaming services. The city also has a rich cultural heritage and a cosmopolitan outlook, which makes it an ideal location for artists and designers who thrive in a diverse and dynamic atmosphere.


7th Floor, Crescent Tower A,
Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield,
Bengaluru – 560 048, India

Our Team

Manish Kumar

Co Founder & Head of Animation

Rakesh S. Patil

Co Founder & Global Head of Production

Murali Babu

Head of CG Bengaluru

Ramesh Chinneri

CG Supervisor

Shiben Bhattacherjee

Game director

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