“Production department in animated production is like a nervous system in human body, you can’t survive or be healthy without sound production practices, protocols and processes in place. We want to be able to not only create that but also make a difference in everyone’s lifecycle in any production by being there for them as a partner than a mere driving force”

As a Global Vice-President of production at 88 Pictures, Rakesh is responsible for managing day to day production on floor. Managing clients and maintaining the deliveries by use of the accurate project planning, optimum utilization of resources and partnering with technology and technocrats is Rakesh’s forte.

Rakesh comes with a deep understanding and experience of hands on production. In his career span of more than 10 years in Indian CGI space, he has been part of many successful TV shows, DVDs and feature films. Rakesh has spent a majority of his production time at DreamWorks Dedicated Unit and has worked on some of the well-known feature films such as Puss in Boots, How to Train you Dragon, Penguins of Madagascar, Peabody and Sherman under the banner of DreamWorks Animation.

At 88 Pictures, being the first hire, Rakesh has been instrumental in building the teams across departments and implementing overall production management and shotgun at 88 Pictures.

Apart from his production job when he is not making production schedules and delivering the shows, Rakesh loves to get his hands on a keyboard and beats those blues away.