“Story telling is an art; it can come from anywhere and animation medium doesn’t have any boundaries. My aim here is to create an ecosystem that can create compelling stories that will stay in everyone’s heart-n-mind for generations to come..!!”

As a Founder of 88 Pictures, Siddhie manages the day to day operations at the studio. A driving factor in cultivating and maintaining the unique conducive culture of the studio that is based on artistic freedom and creative aspirations. Siddhie is developing the IP division to create some of the unique and compelling stories to have ever come out from this market.

With over 10 years of experience across a spectrum of fields ranging from aviation, service to creative field of acting and fashion, Siddhie brings a wide range of knowledge and understanding to the creative part of the business.

Siddhie started her career in aviation with some of the best brands in the domestic and international aviation space and then moved on to work in the service industry.

Besides her traditional career, Siddhie has pursued her passion in acting and has worked as a successful actress in numerous music videos, commercials and feature films.

Siddhie balances the creative part of the business in 88 Pictures and oversees the day to day operations of the studio. Siddhie spearheads the IP division at 88 Pictures and is developing a few interesting properties for domestic and international markets.

Siddhi has an MBA degree in fashion from a university in Paris and bachelor of commerce degree from university of Mumbai.