Nol Meyer comes with 28 years plus experience in the animation and film industry. He has worked as a 2D Rough Layout and Workbook artist, a 3D Layout/Previz artist, Layout Supervisor, and Director. With close to 3 decades of experience, he has acquired a high level of expertise in cinematography, animation, storytelling, directing, pipeline/workflow creation, team recruiting, training and leadership. 

During his professional career, Nol has worked at animation and film studios all over the world, including Dreamworks Animation, ILM Singapore, Original Force, Vintata Animation Studio, Paramount Animation, and Sergio Pablo Animation. He has worked on several notable feature films, short films, series and rides in his capacities as a Layout artist and Supervisor. These include the feature films such as Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Shrek 2, Madagascar franchise, Bee Movie, Megamind, Duck, Duck, Goose, Fall of Gods Season 1 and China Dinosaur Park’s Pterosaur Knight 4D ride. 

Nol holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of San Francisco and Academy of Art University, San Francisco.